Giving Back

Our church takes much pride in the programs we developed over the years. We helped many people in Colorado Springs. All of that was possible through donations. We are very grateful to the members of our congregation for the effort they put in the well-being of others.

We respect people’s hard work, which is why we try to be as transparent as possible. Most of the money we receive are directed to the construction of a soup kitchen. We have been working at it for the last six months. It is not done yet, which is why we still require donations. All the expenses made for this purpose can be found at the clerk’s office, for anyone to see.

The clothes we receive go to the homeless and a few shelters around Colorado Springs. The Interview Makeover program is not very costly. People are very giving, and we always have suits, bags or anything else someone may need for an interview. We even receive vouchers for salons, where homeless people can go and have a haircut, a shave, or any other grooming service. The Missionary Program is also one of the activities towards which we direct the money you donate. We try to send missionaries at least once a year, in Africa and parts of Asia.

Donations can be made by deposit, bank wire, or you can leave the money to our church clerk. To donate online, please follow the link below.
Thank you for your contribution. We greatly appreciate your generosity!