Become A Member

Despite the size of the church, the community is very welcoming. We will open our doors and our hearts to anyone is interested in joining us. If you want to become a new member of our church, there are three ways you can accomplish that.

1. Accept our Lord Jesus as your Savior and become a candidate for baptism. This applies if you are of another faith. You must declare your new faith openly in front of the congregation. After the minister finishes the service, he will ask you to come up front and proclaim the Baptist faith. However, you do not become a member automatically. The members of the congregation must take a vote. After they accept you, you will be baptized and become a new member of the King Street Baptist Church.

2. You can join by letter. This situation applies to those who are members of another Baptist church, but for different reasons they have to move. Our church clerk will send a letter to the previous church and will ask for a letter of recommendation. Once this arrives, you are a new member of our church. King Street Baptist Church also accepts members under ‘watch care.’ That means you will be treated as a member and you will have the same rights as the other members until your letter of recommendation arrives.

3. Join by statement. This situation applies when the church where you were once a member disbands. It is similar to the previous method, only that this time there is no previous church we can ask a letter of recommendation from. What you should do is come and talk to our preacher and tell him you want to join by statement. The church members will take a vote to accept you. After the vote, you become a member.

If any of these cases apply to you, or you find yourself in other particular situations, just talk to our minister, Nicholas Slater. He will give you counsel on how to join King Street Baptist Church. To reach him, you can contact our church clerk, Alyssa Mayweather.