Our Mission

Our only purpose is to create a community where God is omnipresent. King Street Baptist Church is a safe environment where anyone can join. We call ourselves one big family. With Jesus by our side, we try to preach the love and salvation that God has to offer. We all share the same sentiment that His light shines upon us all, and we will all meet again in the Kingdom of Heaven one day.

Our mission extends overseas as well. We are a small congregation; we do not have many funds, but we try to send missionaries at leas once a year. We have many benevolent members who are willing to donate in the interest of spreading Jesus’ salvation to those who cannot access the word of God easily.

Last, but not least, the most important mission we have is helping people, no matter what they need. Whether they need counsel or material things, we are here for them. Our minister always has his door open. Our programs help the unfortunate by putting clothes on their back and food in their bellies. We are here to make Colorado Springs a better place.

Even though we are a small church, we make a difference in people’s lives. We offer a sanctuary for those who need it, a safe place for you to go when you feel forsaken. We are a family, a home, and we have God on our side. There is no better feeling in the world than receiving God’s grace. So come down to us in east Colorado Springs. We are waiting for you with open hearts.