Our Minister

King Street Baptist Church has been blessed with a wonderful minister. Nicholas Slater has been with us since the church was founded. He is a true man of God, a man of an extraordinary kindness who never turns his back on anyone. Many members of our church have come to us thanks to him. We can all see God’s work through him. Minister Slater inspires everyone to lead a life worthy of a God’s child.

Nicholas Slater has proven to be such a kind and wise man that people come to him for almost anything. Couples come when they have trouble at home, mothers come when they have problems with their children, simple people come to him when they are in difficulty, and he always manages to give them good advice. For many, he is a mother, father, a brother or a sister. He will be anything you need him to be at the time. His presence in our church is one of our most valued blessings.