About Our Faith

Here at King Street Baptist Church, we have two things that we hold dear and put above anything else: Jesus Christ and the Gospels. We are, first of all, evangelists. The word of God is what guides us in everything we do, and we try our best never to break it. Our entire life is dictated by what Jesus did and said.

In the Bible, we find an answer to anything. When we are in trouble, Jesus tells us how to hold on and never lose our faith. When sick, He tells us to pray and commend ourselves in the hands of God. And when we are happy, and well, Jesus tells us never to forget about the unfortunate and give back. For Baptists, the Jesus and Scriptures are the gates of Heaven, which is why we value and preach them.

The preaching of the Gospels has one primary purpose: Salvation. The Kingdom of Heaven is filled with God’s children, those who believe and cherish his words while in this world. That is why we believe in the sanctity of the Gospels, as well as in the paramount role of the believer’s baptism. A life blessed by God’s presence starts with the baptism and is maintained by His words.