About Us

King Street Baptist Church in Colorado Springs is a loving environment where you will always find the support you need. We, with the help and guidance of Jesus Christ, will welcome you into our community. We are a happy family. Through the love for the Gospels, we like to spread happiness to others. To be able to give is a blessing. Join us and embrace the gift of giving back.

Our church is only five years old. We flourished in a neighborhood that needed us. The people are what make us what we are. We gained strength through unity and unity through strength. Every single person in this church is like a piece of a foundation. If one falls, we all stumble; which is why we always put the pieces back together.

Our ministers, Stephen and Thomas Scott, are two brothers who found the community broken and decided to bring it together by the erection of our church. It was at that time we realized that there is more to this world than unkindness. In here you will always find peace and tranquility. The most important of them all, you will find the boundless and absolute love of God Almighty.

Here at King Street Baptist Church, we value every human being, and we see every person as a child of God. We try the best we can to extend the blessings God gives us to the unfortunate as well. That is why we developed a few programs that help the poor and the homeless from Colorado Springs. We are a small church, we cannot do much, but the little we do means everything to others.